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Blown and manipulated ink, paper and other hard and soft materials creating bizarre art contextualized by a world of my own invention
Jimmy Was A Lefty Too; Blown Ink, Collage and Marker on paper. 18X24   300.00
Who Said I'm Your Father?, Ink and Cut Paper Collage on Canvas. 18X24 $250.00
20201127_151204 (1).jpg
Fais Dodo  Blown Ink, collage and marker on paper. 18 X 24   300.00
Kansas City Kitty and the Eighter Drom Decatur Ink and Paper Collage on Canvas 18 X 24 250.00
20220613_163630 (2).jpg
Manga Man and the Dragon (Blown Ink and Collage on Canvas 18X24 Arrives Framed  $200.00
The Icarus and the Fatel Flaw  (Blown ink and paper on canvas) 8 X 11 $35.00
20230217_132346 (3).jpg
A Fish Too Far Ink and Collage on Canvas. Arrives Framed $200.00
Sie Ist Niedlich (Acrylic and Paper On Wood) 12 X 14 $ 50.00
Master Smash; 
Collage, acrylic and ink on canvas
12X14 $100
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