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Mixed Media and Constructions

American Toxic 2032

I am dedicated to children and their lives. I was a teacher of art, reading, science and math for 25 years, and I know that if we have any hope as a species it will be born in the hearts and minds of kids. Conversely, if children have any hope of survival, it rests with us and our willingness and ability to correct the things that we have done to the environment.

This piece, entitled "American Toxic 2032" is a

mixed media assemblage that represents the worst that we have done to the air, oceans, climate, food production and to the very he future of our children's survival.

Made from Styrofoam, plastic bottles, stainless steal and polyurethane, the components of this piece could last hundreds and even thousands of years if buried in the ground.


The reverse logic of making an environmental  piece out of these materials is an effort to showcase how toxic waste is outside of us, all around us and even within us. As it stands now, without critical change, our grandchildren will not die of old age, but of  climate change and the impact of toxic waste unless we find more earth friendly materials to use in the very near future,

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